Mikko Moilanen

This job seems like the kind that is never finished. Music is my 100% passion.

Instrument group
Section principal

I am from Oulu. After graduating from the Madetoja Music High School I devoted myself to double bass studies.

I joined the orchestra in 2000. The first audition of my life was on my birthday, and I got through with flying colours. I’ve been unbelievably fortunate, and I now believe that the sound of our double bass section is in a class of its own.

Jazz, metal and prog rock – those are the best. And then Debussy and Mahler, and of course Sibelius.

I need my own time and space to focus on a concert and get into the feel. Completely my own space. I can get really intense.

I practice Krav Maga. At least when I’m not being lazy.

My choice of instrument must have been by chance. I’ve always been a big lad, so I was well prepared to become a bassist. My size has been an advantage. But I’ve also put in the time – 10,000 hours of practice. I play a double bass that is owned by the orchestra. My colleague Ville Väätäinen and I travelled to Reutlingen, Germany, to select it. It was made in Italy in the 1700s by Roger. A magnificent instrument.