Encounters Club – Tribute to Pan Sonic

Fri 01/02/2019 21:00 - 22:30
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A tribute to the Finnish group Pan Sonic (1993–2009), which was a forerunner in experimental electronic music, and, in particular, to its late member, Mika Vainio (1964–2017).

Initiated by the Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra and the Korvat Auki – Society for Contemporary Music, festival’s opening club is a tribute to the Finnish group Pan Sonic (1993–2009), which was a forerunner in experimental electronic music, and, in particular, to its late member, Mika Vainio (1964–2017).
The individual pieces, composed by four sets of composers from different musical backgrounds, make full use of various elements, including live electronics, self-made instruments, electroacoustic instruments and video art.
Haruspex: Uusi teos  
Ava Grayson, iPads 
Tuomas Ahva, electronics
Jouni Hirvelä & Atte Häkkinen: Laser Nocturne 
Jouni Hirvelä, electronics 
Atte Häkkinen, electronics 
Ville Hiilivirta, horn 
Joonas Seppelin, horn 
Heikki Nikula, clarinet 
Jaani Helander, cello 
Xavi Castelló Aràndiga, percussions
Tytti Arola & Thorkell Nordal: About Crickets 
Heikki Nikula, clarinets 
Jaani Helander, cello 
Xavi Castelló Aràndiga, percussions
Ilpo Jauhiainen & Petteri Mäkiniemi: Music for Pan Sonic tribute Concert
Heikki Nikula, bass clarinet 
Jaani Helander, cello 
Ilpo Jauhiainen, granular synthesiser 
Petteri Mäkiniemi, ginette
Composer duos:
Artists from Korvat Auki perform with musicians from the Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra.
Free entry

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I take photos of the orchestra?

Yes, but only before or after the concert. During the concert we just want you to enjoy the music. This way you won’t disturb the musicians or other audience members.

How can I order interval refreshments?

Simply call 020 762 4862, send an e-mail to ravintolat.musiikkitalo@restel.fi​ or the Restis app. Interval refreshments for groups of 30 or more should be ordered from the sales service.

Do I have to dress up to attend a concert?

Only the orchestra has a dress code. You can dress as you like.

I have a season ticket but want to change my seat – what should I do?

If you would like to change your seat, you can purchase a new season ticket from the seats available when they go on sale. Unclaimed seats will be made available for individual concerts when the sales period for season tickets ends.

I have a season ticket but can’t make it to the concert – what should I do?

You can give the ticket to a friend or donate it to a music student by calling 09-3102 2700 or sending an e-mail to helsinki.philharmonic@hel.fi by 3pm on the day of the concert.

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