HKO Screen Guest - Moon fallen into water

Wed 27/01/2021 19:00 - 19:00
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The visual concert “Moon fallen into water” will be released on Wednesday 27 January at 7pm on the YouTube channel of the Eloa Culture Company and on the HKO Screen mobile app and website.

The performance was recorded on Finnish Music Day on 8 December at Helsinki’s Winter Garden. In the film, the mysterious glow of the moon illuminates a nocturnal garden concealing five musicians:

Iris Candelaria, vocalist
Taavi Oramo, vocalist
Matleena Nyman, piano
Livia Schweizer, flute
Joasia Cieslak, cello

The performance features music composed by Lili Boulanger, Turkka Inkilä, Björk, Claude Debussy, Philippe Gaubert and Sulho Ranta.

The HKO Screen mobile app can be downloaded free of charge on Android and iOS devices:
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Eloa’s YouTube channel.


Eloa Culture Company

Eloa Culture Company is a collective of young ambitious musicians, dancers and visual artists based in Helsinki and whose events combine live music with dance, stories and theatre. Eloa Culture Company is supported by the Finnish Cultural Foundation, the Arts Promotion Centre Finland and the Kone Foundation.


Photo: Ella Kiviniemi.


  • Iris Candelaria


  • Taavi Oramo


  • Matleena Nyman


  • Livia Schweizer


  • Joasia Cieslak


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I take photos of the orchestra?

Yes, but only before or after the concert. During the concert we just want you to enjoy the music. This way you won’t disturb the musicians or other audience members.

Do I have to dress up to attend a concert?

Only the orchestra has a dress code. You can dress as you like.

I have a season ticket but can’t make it to the concert – what should I do?

You can give the ticket to a friend or donate it to a music student by calling 09-3102 2700 or sending an e-mail to by 3pm on the day of the concert.