Krista Rosenberg

Krista Rosenberg

Instrument group
II violin

Back in 2011, violin student Krista Rosenberg received a phone call from the Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra. Stage manager Mikko Aspinen asked if she could play at a concert. The only strange thing about this is that Rosenberg had never played with the HPO or even auditioned for the orchestra. Whoever had recommended her remained a mystery. Ever since then, her heart has belonged to the Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra.

It still took six years and 15 auditions all over Finland, in Oulu and Tampere and with the Finnish National Opera, the Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra and the HPO, before a position as second violinist opened up. It was the usual masterclass of perseverance that musicians have to go through. Rosenberg had to accept both good and bad days and always pull herself together before the next hurdle.

“If I had been offered a full-time position right at the start, I would not have come to understand nearly so much about playing the violin,” Rosenberg admits. “I have had to hit my head against the wall and really learn – for the sake of both my playing and my head!”

The constant striving for the next dream became so familiar to Rosenberg that she almost became accustomed to struggling. “Despite the anxiety, I enjoyed the auditions,” she recalls.

Now Rosenberg has time to breathe and stop whipping herself – at least until new dreams appear.

“I have lived a life of waiting for that one day. I wanted to graduate from the Sibelius Academy, I wanted a full-time job, I wanted to join the Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra. I decided to audition as many times as it took to finally get a place,” Rosenberg says.

“Working in an orchestra like this really is unbelievably fantastic!”