Encounters Club – autumn 2019

Autumn season of Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra’s Encounters Club begins on Friday 6 September
The Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra’s popular Encounters Club continues this autumn with new repertoires. The club is an arena for creative ideas and surprising encounters with performances by the orchestra’s musicians and friends.
The Encounters Club is open to all and free of charge, and it takes place on Fridays around once a month in the main foyer of the Helsinki Music Centre.
Free admission – welcome! The programme begins at 9pm after the evening’s concert, and the café is open until 10:30pm.
Friday 6 September 2019, 9pm, Helsinki Music Centre, Main Foyer
Atte Kilpeläinen, viola
Tiila Kangas, viola
Lauri Kankkunen, cello
Aino-Maija Riutamaa de Mata, cello
Päivi Ahonen, cello
Adrian Rigopulos, double bass
Emil Holmström, cembalo
The club after the opening concert of the autumn season will delve into the world of the canon. Experience the Finnish premiere of Australian composer Brett Dean’s Approach, which was composed as a prologue to Bach’s Brandenburg Concerto No. 6. 
Friday 20 September 2019, 9pm, Helsinki Music Centre, Main Foyer
Esko Grundström, double bass, accordion, kantele
Aili Järvelä, violin, harmonium, vocals
Topi Korhonen, guitar, mandolin, trumpet
Iida Savolainen, viola, vocals 
Just as Berio’s folk songs challenge listeners, so we – four regular folk musicians – wanted to challenge ourselves as musicians and arrangers. How can these songs be reinterpreted in our hands, in our own image, while at the same time gladly respecting the source music that Berio, the master himself, composed? We gladly accept this challenge and are looking forward to the club. Come and be surprised! 
Friday 4 October 2019, 9pm, Helsinki Music Centre, Main Foyer
Ville Hiilivirta, French horn
Mika Paajanen, French horn
Sam Parkkonen, French horn
Miska Miettunen, French horn
Sakari Niemi, French horn
Joonas Seppelin, French horn
The Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra’s French horn section presents German music from the Romantic period and traditional Finnish pieces for the French horn.
Friday 1 November 2019, 9pm, Helsinki Music Centre, Main Foyer
Jan Söderblom, violin
Anna-Liisa Bezrodny, violin
Lilli Maijala, viola
Jan-Erik Gustafsson, cello
Anni Elif, vocals and cello
HKO’s concertmaster Jan Söderblom brings the musicians of the Grani Quartet from the Kauniainen Music Festival to the Encounters Club. The quartet has a strong HKO dimension, as two of its musicians are also former members of the orchestra.
Missy Mazzoli (1980-) is one of the most renowned American composers of her generation and also a smasher of glass ceilings as the first female who has been commissioned to compose an opera for the New York Metropolitan Opera. The Encounters Club will present her Harp and Altar, which was inspired by the Brooklyn Bridge. Steve Reich’s 9/11 is a piece in three movements based on the tragic events in Manhattan in 2001.
Music of Ennio Morricone & Nino Rota 
Friday 29 November 2019, 9pm, Helsinki Music Centre, Main Foyer
Tero Saarti, trumpet
Ville Vannemaa, saxophone
Seppo Kantonen, piano
Ville Herrala, bass
Markus Ketola, drums
The UMO Helsinki Ensemble headed by trumpetist Tero Saarti takes listeners on an unforgettable imaginary journey to Italy, the land of great emotions and films. The band ambitiously tackles the iconic movie music of composers Ennio Morricone and Nino Rota, for which Saarti has composed interesting jazz arrangements for his small band. The concert includes music composed by Nino Rota for Federico Fellini’s films La Strada, Roma and La dolce vita, as well as music composed by Ennio Morricone for the films Cinema Paradiso, Once Upon a Time in the West and La Califfa.
Photos Maarit Kytöharju, Jaakko Paarvala and Vanessa Riki