Encounters Club brightens up autumn evenings

Free admission – welcome! The programme begins at 9pm, and the café is open until 10:30pm.


The Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra’s new Encounters Club opens its doors at the start of the autumn season. The club is an arena for creative ideas and surprising encounters with performances by the orchestra’s musicians and friends.

The Encounters Club is open to all and free of charge. The club will take place on the first Friday of each month in the main foyer of the Helsinki Music Centre, except in December when the club will visit the new Helsinki Central Library Oodi.

Free admission – welcome! The programme begins at 9pm, and the café is open until 10:30pm.

Opening night - Outbursts

Friday 7 September, 9pm, Helsinki Music Centre, Main Foyer

Philip Glass: Glassworks (1982)
Claude Bolling: Suite for Flute & Jazz Piano Trio No. 2 (1975)
Louis Andriessen: Workers Union (1975)

Jenny Villanen, flute
Heli Siekkinen, accordion
Eero Ignatius, double bass
Xavi Castelló Aràndiga, percussion

Mira Ravald, tightrope
Luis Sartori do Vale, juggling

The cultural melting pot will be glowing at the opening of our American season. Glassworks by Philip Glass is a classic composition that combined concert music with the Walkman era of pop music. Claude Bolling in turn wanted to intertwine the traditions of classical music and jazz. The powerful Workers Union by Louis Andriessen builds a bridge over the Atlantic, drawing on the European and American musical trends of the 1970s. This evening’s musicians share a passion for combining different musical worlds and seeking new colours and a broader repertoire through diversity.

Our club season kicks off with a modern circus performance by Mira Ravald and Luis Sartori do Vale.



Great American Songbook

Friday 5 October, 9pm, Helsinki Music Centre, Main Foyer

Annimaria Rinne, vocals
Manuel Dunkel, saxophone
Tero Saarti, trumpet
Seppo Kantonen, piano
Juho Kivivuori, bass
Markus Ketola, drums

Mira Ravald, tightrope
Luis Sartori do Vale, juggling

The UMO Ensemble together with singer Annimaria Rinne take on the Great American Songbook, i.e. popular songs from Broadway musicals and Hollywood films from the 1920s to the 1950s. Expect to hear more or less familiar musical classics with stylish arrangements.

The club begins with a performance by circus artists Luis Sartori do Vale and Mira Ravald.


The Helsinki Chamber Soloists

Friday 2 November, 9pm, Helsinki Music Centre, Main Foyer

The Helsinki Chamber Soloists
Ilona Jäntti, circus artist

Jean Sibelius: En Saga (arr. Jaakko Kuusisto)
Peter Tchaikovsky: Nutcracker Suite (arr. Iain Farrington)

Having been created this year following an initiative by our orchestra musicians, the Helsinki Chamber Soloists perform intimately clear chamber music arrangements of major orchestral pieces without the safety net of a conductor.

Circus artist Ilona Jäntti introduces the audience to the music of Sibelius and Tchaikovsky.

Encounters at Oodi
Saturday 8 December, 6pm, Helsinki Central Library Oodi, Restaurant

Jalan kanssa Jannelaan

Mika Paajanen, Ville Hiilivirta, Sam Parkkonen, Sakke Niemi/Joonas Seppelin, French horn
Miska Miettunen, French horn and Wagner tuba
Petri Keskitalo, tuba and percussion

To celebrate Finnish Music Day, the Encounters Club will present some of the best-known music by Jean Sibelius, from the Jaeger March and the Song of the Cross-Spider to his Andante Festivo and Karelia Suite, for which Petri Keskitalo has made fresh new arrangements. The name of the orchestra was inspired by Holger Fransman, the long-time professor of solo French horn at the Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra who brought the French horn to Finland.

This poem will enrapture you

Vuokko Hovatta, vocals
Atte Kilpeläinen, viola and melodica
Panu Savolainen, vibraphone and glockenspiel

Vuokko Hovatta Kolmisin will perform the poems of Riina Katajavuori as composed by Atte Kilpeläinen, Panu Savolainen and Samae Koskinen. The moods of these pieces vary throughout, but the overall atmosphere is one of brightness. The music was first performed in summer 2017, and the orchestra’s debut album Pysykää sängyssä sunnuntaisin (“Stay in Bed on Sundays”) will be released in September 2018.


Rebel in Music

Friday 14 December, 9pm, Helsinki Music Centre, Main Foyer

Ilkka Lehtonen and Sari Deshayes, violin
Markku Lintunen, viola
Antero Manninen, cello

Ilona Jäntti, circus artist

This string quartet tackles the intricacies of classic rock compositions. Can they maintain the rhythm, the roughness, the lyrical expression? Enjoy selected pieces from the 30-year career of the Hampton String Quartet.

The club kicks off with a breathtaking performance by circus acrobat Ilona Jäntti.