HPO is preparing for the upcoming autumn season

Syys- ja lokakuun ohjelma julkaistaan elokuussa

Dear Friend of the Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra,

This spring has been exceptional for all of us, and its effects will continue to resonate for a long time. The last time the Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra gave a public concert was on a Wednesday evening at the beginning of March, ending with Beethoven’s Symphony No. 4. Since then, members of the orchestra have played without a live audience in smaller Impromptu chamber music concerts and online. We would like to extend a warm thanks to all of you who have kept in touch with the orchestra, albeit remotely, during these difficult times. After all, an orchestra exists for its audience.

Without knowing exactly what the future looks like, we are nevertheless preparing for the upcoming autumn season. Changes to the orchestra's previous plans are also ahead, and our carefully prepared 2020/2021 programme is being reviewed in the light of the new situation. Our mission is to promote the tradition of live music in Helsinki, and we will continue to do so by prioritising the safety, wellbeing and health of our audiences and musicians.

The Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra will continue to perform, as circumstances allow. We are all looking forward to the autumn and to inviting you once again to enjoy the music.

Stay safe!

Susanna Mälkki
Chief Conductor

Aleksi Malmberg
General Manager

Concerts and ticket sales
The date on which tickets for our autumn season will go on sale will be announced later. More information about the autumn season’s concerts and ticket sales will be provided in August on all our channels and in our Finnish-language e-newsletter, which you can subscribe to on our website. Season ticket seat reservations that have been made for the spring 2020 season will be transferred automatically to the spring 2021 season.

HKO Screen - Enjoy a concert in the comfort of your very own armchair
You can watch and listen to the orchestra’s concerts in the comfort of your very own armchair, streamed online. HKO Screen concerts can also be watched online after the live broadcast. Meet the artists and hear what goes on behind the scenes. In addition to concerts, you can also enjoy interviews with the artists and topical documentaries.

HKO Screen mobile app
The orchestra is with you everywhere you go! The HKO Screen mobile app provides mobile access to the orchestra’s concerts that are streamed online and other content:
*Watch and listen to livestream concerts
 *Watch and listen to concert recordings
 *Watch and listen to interviews with guest artists
 *View playlists created by the orchestra
The app is free of charge and available on Android and iOS devices.

Learn how to listen to classical music!

“Learn how to listen to classical music!” is an informative lecture series that provides lots of material for enhancing your listening experience. How do the different periods of music sound like? What roles do all the instruments play in the orchestra? What can you find in the fruit salad of music? Welcome to a musical exploration!

Listen in to social media

Hear the latest news and harmonies from our rehearsal rooms, as well as all the chat from up close… On the orchestra’s social media channels, you can listen to greetings from our musicians and be among the first to find our latest publications!


Kummilapset 2020

Helsingin kaupunginorkesteri kutsuu kummilapsikseen kaikki vuonna 2020 syntyvät helsinkiläislapset. Kutsu perheille välitetään neuvolan kautta ja sen voi ottaa vastaan osoitteessa

Kummilapsitoiminnan tavoitteena on herättää rakkaus musiikkiin ja soittamiseen, tarjota perheille yhteinen kokemus sekä tukea lapsen kasvua ja kehitystä.

Ensimmäisenä vuonna orkesteri kutsuu kummilapset pienempiin konsertteihin eri puolilla Helsinkiä: soitamme ja laulamme vauvoille ja vauvojen kanssa. Myöhemmin kummilapset kutsutaan kaupunginorkesterin kotisaliin Musiikkitaloon kaksi kertaa vuodessa aina siihen asti kun lapset menevät kouluun. Osallistuminen konsertteihin ei maksa perheille mitään.

Helsingin kaupunginorkesterin Kummilapset 2020 on osa Kulttuurin kummilapset -ohjelmaa, jota tukee Jane ja Aatos Erkon säätiö.   

Fadderbarn 2020
Helsingfors stadsorkester bjuder in alla i Helsingfors år 2020 födda barn att bli orkesterns fadderbarn. En inbjudan skickas ut via barnrådgivningen och kan accepteras på adressen
Fadderbarnsverksamheten har som mål att, väcka kärlek till musik och musicerande, erbjuda familjerna en upplevelse som de kan dela, stöda barnets musikaliska och motoriska utvecklingsstadier.
Under det första året bjuder Helsingfors stadsorkester sina fadderbarn till mindre konserter runtom Helsingfors; vi sjunger och spelar för och med babyn. Senare inbjuds fadderbarnen två gånger i året till stadsorkesterns hemsal i Musikhuset, ända tills barnen inleder sin skolgång. Att delta i konserterna är för familjen helt gratis.
Helsingfors stadsorkesters Fadderbarn 2020 utgör en del av Kulturens fadderbarn-programmet som får understöd av Jane och Aatos Erkkos stiftelse.
HPO Kids 2020
The Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra invites all children born in Helsinki in 2020 to become HPO Kids. The invitation can be accepted online at

The aim of the Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra’s HPO Kids Project is to awaken a love for music and playing music, offer families shared experiences and support the development of musical and motor skills in children.

In the first year, HPO Kids will be invited to smaller concerts throughout Helsinki, where we will play and sing to the babies and with the babies. Later, HPO Kids will be invited twice a year to the Helsinki Music Centre, home of the Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra, all the way until they start school. These concerts are completely free of charge for families of HPO Kids.

HPO Kids 2020 is part of the Culture Kids programme supported by the Jane and Aatos Erkko Foundation.