New godchildren to be invited in 2020

Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra’s Godchild 2012 Project culminates this week – new godchildren to be invited in 2020


The Godchild 2012 Project of the Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra culminates this week with a special performance of Sergei Prokofiev’s “Peter and the Wolf” for children. The concert will be conducted by Chief Conductor Susanna Mälkki with narration by Satu Sopanen and Susanna Haavisto.

Back in 2012, the Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra invited for the second time an entire age group as its godchildren, this time comprising children born in Helsinki in 2012. Altogether 3400 families signed up for the programme, representing over half of the entire age group, and they have been treated to two free-of-charge concerts a year. The previous Godchild Project invited children born in Helsinki in 2000.

The Godchild Project is set to continue next year, when the Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra will invite through child welfare clinics all children born in Helsinki in 2020 as its new godchildren. Families with babies born next year will be able to register already from the start of 2020. The City of Helsinki also plans to expand the Godchild Project together with partners to include also other cultural activities on an annual basis.

The aim of the Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra’s Godchild Project is to awaken a love for music and playing music, as well as to offer families shared experiences. Thematic and interactive concerts and workshops also support the development of musical and motor skills in children while creating a shared experience for the entire age group and strengthening the connection between the orchestra and families in Helsinki.

The artistic and pedagogical planner for the Godchild Project concerts is Satu Sopanen, and the project is produced by Annika Kukkonen, Producer of Education at the Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra.

“The Godchild Project has helped the Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra establish a close relationship with families. We are also happy that our Godchild Project has inspired other orchestras in Finland and elsewhere in Europe to introduce similar projects,” Kukkonen says.

The Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra will present three “Peter and the Wolf” concerts this week, in addition to which the same programme will be presented to the public on Thursday 7 March at 6:30pm. This concert is currently fully booked, but it can be watched live on the Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra’s website:

Further information and videos about the Godchild 2012 Project: