Visual Overture continues this spring

Visual Overture continues this spring on the media wall at the Helsinki Music Centre

The Visual Overture media project that was initiated last autumn by AV-arkki – the Distribution Centre for Finnish Media Art, the Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma and the Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra is set to continue this spring season. The Visual Overture series presents a new video installation each month on the biggest digital screen in the entire Nordic region right before the start of the orchestra’s concerts. This spring’s featured video artists will be Pink Twins, Iiu Susiraja, Carolin Koss and Elina Brotherus, as well as Marja Helander, who started the season already at the beginning of January. The video installations will be screened non-stop on the media wall for ten minutes before each concert. Visual Overture offers a new public forum for video art that also leads concertgoers into the Helsinki Music Centre.



Marja Helander: Trambo (2014; duration 03:22 min)

Trambo portrays a Sámi woman who wanders in the snowy fells. She is pulling a large trampoline in the hope that the heavy load will bring a little joy to her monotonous journey. The trampoline references modern life, but it can also be seen as a prison.

Marja Helander (b. 1965) is a Sámi photographer and video artist whose early works explored her own identity between the Finnish and the Sámi culture. More recently, she has focused on portraying the grim post-colonial landscapes of Samiland and illustrating especially the environmental damage caused by the global mining industry. The interaction between man and nature has not been harmonious but instead destructive. At the same time, Helander’s video art also has a humorous side, playfully depicting the contradiction between the traditional Sámi way of life and modern society.


10/18/23/24 January, 6:30pm-6:40pm



Pink Twins: Amalgamator (2012; duration 9:18 min)

Pink Twins, the masters of reality, unleash their fury and wipe your retinae clean with this wild amalgamation of structuralism, chaotic 3D programming, digital video feedback, landscape imagery and moving action painting.

Pink Twins is a Helsinki-based duo comprising the electronic musicians and artists Juha (b. 1978) and Vesa (b. 1974) Vehviläinen. Pink Twins has been active since 1997, and their videos occupy the ground between the visual arts and music. Pink Twins also perform live, combining soundscapes and video images. The duo’s videos have been seen at exhibitions and festivals around the world, and they have performed live throughout Europe, the US, Asia and Australia.


Screenings: 1/6/7/15 February, 6:30pm-6:40pm


Iiu Susiraja: Hampurilainen/Hamburger (2015; duration 4:08 min)

The photographs and videos of Iiu Susiraja bring feminist art into the 2000s by means of cheeky humour and themes inspired by everyday life and relationships. In her video Hampurilainen/Hamburger (2015), Susiraja sends greetings to her ex by pressing the text “you” onto the beef patty before taking a big bite out of it. She then attaches a farewell letter saying it’s better this way.

Iiu Susiraja (b. 1975) creates photography and videos in which she often appears herself. They are not so much portraits, however, as they are performances. The artist appears before the camera in exaggeratedly ordinary settings with household items, clothing, cleaning equipment and food supplies that she uses in “incorrect” or unexpected ways. Susiraja uses food as a material for her art, just as others might use paint or clay. Susiraja comments on both food culture and feminine expectations.

Screenings: 1/7/15/20/21/29 March, 6:30pm-6:40pm



Carolin Koss: White Table (2012; 3:11 min)

White Table emerged from a repetitive recurring sound, a journey of embracing and letting go, and a dream that made the artist visualise it.

Carolin Koss (b. 1986) is a Helsinki-based German-Finnish artist and filmmaker. Koss works with various media to create contemplative and aesthetic works. Embodying internal landscapes and tackling the subconscious sphere, stylised imagery or surreal set-ups, the artist invents dream realities that are often linked to real environmental, societal and psychological contexts.

Screenings: 3/4/12/18/26 April, 6:30pm-6:40pm


Elina Brotherus: Drummer 1-3 (2017; duration 8:17 min)

Drummer 1-3 is a series of videos in which Elina Brotherus repeats various exercises in front of the camera based on an event score, as used by the Fluxus movement. Drummer 1-3 is part of the Regle du jeu series, which Brotherus created together with choreographer Vera Nevanlinna. The playful performances deliberately stir up the seriousness of art. The short drum performance is performed by Nevanlinna.

Elina Brotherus (b. 1972) lives and works in Finland and France. Her photographs and videos explore subjective experiences, the presence and absence of love, and issues related to form. Her recent works focus on the relationship between the human subject and the landscape, as well as the artist’s observation of the model. Her series Regle du jeu was awarded the Carte blanche PMU photography competition in France in 2017, after which she had a solo exhibition at the Pompidou Centre in Paris.

Screenings: 1 May, 11:30am-11:40am and 1:30pm-1:40pm; 10/15/16/24 May, 6:30pm-6:40pm

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