Jaani Helander

Jaani Helander

There is a mixture of anarchy and discipline in the way I work. – Robert de Niro

Instrument group


I am from Kouvola.

I joined the orchestra in spring 2013.

The wackiest memory I have as a musician is when the security people at Düsseldorf airport decided to have a little fun. First they asked me to open my cello case and then started admiring my instrument. Then they asked if I could play something, so they closed the line and directed all the other passengers to another line. So standing there with my face going red I played the themes to James Bond and Mission Impossible, making the officials clap and laugh. One of the other passengers even came over to praise my improvisation: “It was a really nice performance!"

My favourite place in Helsinki is the Trocadero restaurant on Uudenmaankatu.

In spring 2016 it will be interesting to see the legendary actor John Malkovich at our Epiphany concert on 6 January!