Anna-Leena Haikola

Anna-Leena Haikola

Stay curious and keep learning.

Instrument group
II violin
Section principal

I was born and raised in Liminka and went to school in Oulu.

I guess I joined the orchestra in 2003, when Ilkka Lehtonen (I Violin) convinced me to come as a replacement. I then earned my current position after auditioning sometime around 2004.

I like to play any good music. I am extremely omnivorous when it comes to music. I like everything from heavy metal to modern classical.

My favourite place in Helsinki is my home, of course, but also I like our wonderful market halls and views to the sea.

The highlight of the spring 2016 season for me is the Forging of the Sampo concert on 11 March, which will be conducted by the extremely talented young Klaus Mäkelä.