Extensive US tour with Panula and Segerstam


In 1968, the HPO made an extensive tour of the USA, taking in such cities as Manchester, Washington, Atlantic City, New York, Brooklyn, Beverly Hills, Los Angeles and Seattle.

Several concerts were also given in small towns, causing rancour even in the HPO management. For the planning of the route had been almost entirely in the hands of the US concert agency. As was the practice, the tour programmes were nevertheless performed in Finland before the orchestra set off.

There were three different concert programmes: naturally some Sibelius (the fifth symphony, Belshazzar’s FeastLemminkäinen and the Maidens of the Island), but also music by Kokkonen, Rautavaara and Dvořák. Both Jorma Panula and Leif Segerstam conducted and the cello soloist was Arto Noras.

Source: Einari Marvia & Matti Vainio - Helsingin kaupunginorkesteri 1882-1982