An interregnum of several conductors


The period after Jorma Panula was much the same as it had been 32 years earlier – an interregnum, to quote Matti Vainio. During this period the orchestra was conducted by a host of guests, such as Arvid Jansons, Jorma Panula and Paavo Berglund, and assistants who conducted some of the concerts and rehearsed the orchestra. Some of the assistants were from the orchestra’s own ranks, such as Osmo Vänskä, Ylermi Poijärvi and Pekka Helasvuo, and foreigners Hideaki Komiya and Adám Fischer. The main conductor in 1974 was Paul Freeman.

This time the Music Committee wanted to officially appoint Paavo Berglund, but the negotiations dragged on for so long that he was not able to begin in office until 1975.

Source: Einari Marvia & Matti Vainio – Helsingin kaupunginorkesteri 1882-1982