HPO & Miguel Harth-Bedoya

Fri 29/01/2021 19:00 - 20:15
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Born in Tehran, composer Behzad Ranjbaran lives in New York and teaches music theory at the Juilliard School of Music. He is inspired by the rich layers of Persian music, literature and history. His Songs of Eternity are embellished with vocal ornaments and spirals. Conductor Miguel Harth-Bedoya brings with him music flavored with spices from the music of India, Peru and Spain. 


  • Miguel Harth-Bedoya


  • Helena Juntunen



  • 19.00
    Philip Glass

    Offerings based on theme by Ravi Shankar

  • Behzad Ranjbaran

    Songs of Eternity, for Soprano and Orchestra

  • Gabriela Lena Frank

    Elegía Andina

  • 20.15
    Manuel de Falla

    El amor brujo

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I take photos of the orchestra?

Yes, but only before or after the concert. During the concert we just want you to enjoy the music. This way you won’t disturb the musicians or other audience members.

Do I have to dress up to attend a concert?

Only the orchestra has a dress code. You can dress as you like.

I have a season ticket but can’t make it to the concert – what should I do?

You can give the ticket to a friend or donate it to a music student by calling 09-3102 2700 or sending an e-mail to helsinki.philharmonic@hel.fi by 3pm on the day of the concert.