Aulikki Haahti-Turunen

Aulikki Haahti-Turunen

Here we go again

Instrument group

I was born in Oulu, but my parents are from Helsinki and our family grave in Espoo. I feel like I am from Espoo. So I was born in Oulu but I am from Espoo.

I like to play everything except contemporary music.

My favourite place in Helsinki is my own home, even if it’s not even in Helsinki.

The highlight of the spring 2015 season for me will be Mönkemeyer, soloist on my own instrument!

I studied at the Sibelius Academy under Helge Valtonen and Jouko Mansnerus.

I joined the orchestra in ’89. The audition was cruel, as it always is. There were three rounds. Two places were available, and my friend and I got them.

I began playing the violin at the age of 6. I switched to the viola when I was 18.

My hobby is lying on the sofa.

During my time off I listen to Finnish pop music in my car.

When I’m preparing for a concert I like to relax, I don’t much share myself with others.