Thomas Bugnot

Thomas Bugnot

Associate principal

I come from a small village close to Reims in the western part of Europe!

I have been a member of the HPO since 2011.

I love to play the post-romantic music like Mahler, Bruckner and Strauss. Guess why?

A nice sauna by the sea is always my favourite place! When I am not working, I also like to run in the finnish forest and to play chess.

I try to take a short nap before each concert but I avoid all kinds of rituals, like having the same warm-up, having the same food before...It’s because music needs spontaneity to be re-created every evening.

What I remember from the audition is my heart beatings.

I studied at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique de Paris.

My favourite food is Le tournedos-Rossini!

In the ”fanfare” of my village, there were only 2 choices : drum or trumpet. I chose the trumpet.